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Chinese translation

Beijing Global Bowen Translation Co., Ltd has a selected team with more than 300 translators in it, among these people, the contracted translators who have obtained the international and national authenticate accounted for over 80% of the total number of translators.

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Document translation

Chinese translation

Whether you have a single page or a thick user manual, or need to create a persuasive presentation for a conference, our translators are ready when you call. We guarantee that we will respond quickly to your request for quote, respect the agreed deadline and produce the high-quality work you demand, while maintaining affordable prices.
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Website translation


Skillful website translations can attract thousands of potential customers from abroad to your Website. The Internet opens up international marketing to another dimension and makes it possible to reach new markets as easily as if they were next door. Precise, culture-sensitive website translation is the key to success in burgeoning online markets.
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Translation in teams

Translation in teams
Global Bowen Translated is not a typical translation agency or translation company but a network of freelance translators distributed around the world, who are accustomed to working both individually and in teams. Our commitment to our partners and customers is to provide affordable and quality translation services similar to those of translation agencies.
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